I am a first year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), co-advised by Prof. Karrie Karahalios and Prof. Hari Sundaram. My general research interest investigates how human interacts with and make decisions through technology-mediated instruments. My current research focuses on collective decision making mechanism design and decision making through data visualizations. I am a full-stack web developer and a technology educator when not doing research. Read more about me here.

I publish write my blog posts in both Traditional Chinese and English intended for different audience! I detailed my past projects in English here, take a look!

This is my CV. I'm looking for 2021 summer research opportunities!

News Update


4 minute read

As a Taiwanese, I cannot tell you how important Boba is in my life. Ever since the COVID pandemic, the best way to consume boba is to make them from scratch. This April, after many requests from friends, I decided to write-up this boba recipie.

The ingredients are easy to find from local Asian Supermarkets and the steps are not hard to follow. Enjoy!


1 minute read

2019 年的 2 月的某一天我使用 IG 的問答功能發了一篇現實動態,內容大概這樣:

於是我在24小時內蒐集到了 92 份回覆。在我公布得獎者和答案之前,我們來想想這個題目背後的用意是什麼。又為什麼我說「人,從來就沒理性過」呢?


2 minute read

2019 年的第一篇筆記文就從這句話開始,希望不要太負面。但不要擔心,這樣的敘述其實早在 1991 年就由社會學家 Scott L. Feld 研究,並定義為矛盾友誼 (Friendship Paradox)。 1961 James Coleman 在 The Adolescent Society 中就計算發現:大部分的人朋友都比自己擁有更多朋友。在Scott 發表的研究中,他更精密地去探究其原因以及它會造成的問題。也就是這樣的社群網絡,才造就我們俗稱的「同溫層」。

我們先看看 Scott 分析當地一間高中的朋友關係圖