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This is a demo for data analysis using Python.

According to estimation by Statista[1], the number of digital cinema screens has grown from 2,500 to 150,000 over the past ten years. With the rise of information technology, we are also capable of storing and retrieve movie viewer’s information and their reviews. Leveraging the computing power today, it is now possible to derive insights from these datasets. In this report, I would look at the given dataset from a pure analysis perspective and also…

Casual Notes

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2017年秋天參加了台灣人工智慧年會,把筆記記錄在這裡。當天的 議程表連結也留著。

Artificial intelligence 是從 web→mobile→cloud 的成果,不是單一存在的。台灣必須要跨領域才能扭轉。現在這個時間把焦點放在全球化和台灣在世界的定位,而不是只是追逐現有的單一技術。 AI 應用現在最好的應用點: 有大量影像的東西 自駕車出現後你會出現新的需求 → Motel? 保險? / 直播? 旅行?