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[Community] Circle

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Introduction #

Circle is a platform built to connect Computer Science to non-Computer Science Students. I co-founded this project in realization that many non-CS students want to learn technology and that university is a place where students should explore through other people’s eyes. This project is On Going and can be separated into three components:

  1. Workshops
  2. Sharing Salons
  3. Student Guidebook

The Team is currently led by Tony Liang, the other co-founder, after my graduation. The team can be contacted via Facebook

Workshops #

Currently, three seasons of workshops had been held. I have lectured 14 of these workshops.

  • Season 1: Web Development from Ground-up
  • Season 2: Python for Beginners (Some videos can be found on My PlayList)
  • Season 3: Advance Computer Science Seminar (Videos Processing)
  • Season 4: Comming Soon…

Sharing Salons #

We have invited over 40 speakers from multiple disciplines ranging from business, psychology, to arts. Topics include internship, exchange, travel, community services and NGO participation. Selected Topics can be found here

Student Guidebook #

I created a 50 page Freshmen guidebook for in-coming students that would assist them in adapting to the new environment overseas. The Guidebook can be found here. Currently had accumulated over 10,000 views with over 1,500 unique visitors according to the gitbook traffic.