[Chatbot] Anna

A chatbot to assist hobbyist gatherings, study group and interest group formation within the campus.

MEN + Luis.ai Github


This is a Hackathon project for E.C. Jamming 2017 (https://ecjamming.tech/) with the theme: campus life. Anna is an intelligent Chatbot that brings students with similar interests and needs together as interest groups and short-term gatherings.

desgin explaination

Actual Facebook Messenger

This screenshot shows the end-product we design. It aims to help identify quick group gatherings such as:

  • finding friends to buy 1 get 1
  • creating interest groups
  • create meetups that expires shortly

We believe that it serves a different audience than social media groups that tend to last longer.

Pitching Slide can be found here.


Rachel is built running two servers: Back-end and Front-end.

  • Back-server : Express.js + MongoDB on Azure
  • Front-end : MS bot framework + Luis + Node.js