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[Chatbot] Rachel

·1 min

Introduction #

This is a Hackathon project for Imagine Hack 2017 ( participating in the Health-Care Category. Rachel is an intelligent Chabot that assist user in managing their calendar and reminder with health for themselves and friends and families.

desgin explaination #

Prototype mockup

This prototype shows the end-product we aim to design. It hopes to manage the user, and his/her family and friend’s heath condition. By managing the user’s calendar event and reminder. It could give informative suggestions to assist the user from a choice of restaurants to some health products such as vitamins.

Technologies #

Rachel is built running two servers: Back-end and Front-end.

  • Back-server : Express.js + MongoDB on Azure
  • Front-end : MS bot framework + Luis + Node.js

Current build is able to identify diseases and reflect user when certain personnel is mentioned. Weak in identifying calendar events and to-do list.